Striped top + Black trench coat in LONDON

Trench and skirt, c/o Dynamite____striped top, c/o Miamasvin.net____Bag, H&M____Shoes, c/o Miamasvin.net

wheewwww that was a weekend. I am back from my impromptu trip to London! It was really random, but I could not pass up the occasion to return to the UK after a long eight years. I usually hate skipping school, as it kind of makes me anxious, but honestly it was well worth it. 

It was perfect timing to bust out my new trench coat from Dynamite for the chilly spring climate. I love how this one is loosely structured and lightweight, making it versatile for the moody weather. 

I will be posting more pictures from London soon :) Until then, cheerio. 

xo, Dahye 



Postcards from New York City. This trip, I discovered my love from the Butcher's Daughter and Dumbo.

I am writing this from London right now! I really should be in school, but when the opportunity comes to go abroad, I can't pass that up.

xo, Dahye


bye bye blondie

Coat, Philip Lim____Leather jacket, Zara____Sweater, Ralph Lauren____Jeans, UO____Shoes, Zara____Watch, Daniel Wellington____black and silver bracelet, c/o Joseph Nogucci____Small string bracelets, c/o Be Arum

I already miss my blonde hair. :/ 

Combination of needing to take a professional headshot pic, entering university next fall, and getting sick of bleaching my hair led me to go back to brown. I still really love the chocolate brown inspired by Olivia Palermo, but I can't help to mourn the platinum girl inside me. #SobStory

But finally it's warming up! FINALLYYYYY 

I'm on my spring break right now. I visited New York City for a few days. It was so amazing to experience the city again, this time with a really special person. <3

Some exciting updates: 
- got into the university I wanted!
- moving to a new place in May 
- purchased a light bulb ceiling planter... google it. it's the best thing everrrr! 

xo, Dahye


a daily outfit and hair tuck

Coat, H&M____Turtle neck, c/o Littleblack.com____Pants, Zara____Hat, J.Crew____Backpack, Korea

This is my go-to, never-fail outfit. Leather pants with fleece lined leggings under them act like stylish snow pants. And the hair tuck, can never go wrong! My roots are going crazy under my hat, and I'm contemplating whether or not I should go back to brown... 

My school work load has been pretty light lately, so I have lots of time to devote to my house-hunting!! I loveeee interior design and i'm so excited to decorate my own flat. I hope I can find the perfect place in the city. 

xo, Dahye


promspiration: classic, glam, ethereal


ETHEREAL PROM by heydahye featuring pointed toe pumps

This is the classic ladylike prom look. Soft neutral tones, and hints of sparkle. Neutral is always a good way to go!

shake it off

shake it off by heydahye featuring black stripy shoes

A black cocktail dress is a versatile prom dress option. Pair it with some statement heels to dance all night in. Plus, you can wear the dress for future occasions. 


#GIRLBOSS by heydahye featuring leather shoes

For the fashion-forward, independent prom goer. Why not try a jumpsuit? You will definitely stand out, all the while dancing the night away without worry about a fashion slip. 

I hope this post brought some inspiration for you. Remember to have fun with your look, and make it yours! Check out Fame and Partners' dress collection online for more promspiration. 

xo, Dahye

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